A list of podcasts every entrepreneur needs to listen to

A list of podcasts every entrepreneur needs to listen to

Starting your own business? Here’s a list of all the podcasts every entrepreneur needs to listen to. Most entrepreneurs know podcasts are a great resource. But did you know they can also help ease the daily grind of being an entrepreneur? With one tap on your phone, you have instant access to motivational speeches from successful people who’ve walked in your shoes. The following is a list of some of the best podcasts for entrepreneurs.

1) Guy Raz of “How I Built This” interviews successful entrepreneurs and shares what interested them to take the leap and start a business. These podcasts are great for those who want some motivation to follow their own entrepreneurial ambitions and inspire others in the process.

2) The Tim Ferriss Show is full of inspirational speeches from world-class performers. It’s all about how we can learn from the best in order to do the best with ourselves, which certainly benefits an entrepreneur.

3) Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations features authors, leaders, documentary filmmakers, activists, scientists, spiritual teachers, innovators, and thinkers – all in pursuit of big truth and meaning. If you’re seeking ways to broaden your thinking and rethink some thoughts on your life goals, this is definitely a podcast for you.

4) Gurus Gone Wild features Derek Halpern interview some of the most inspiring knowledge entrepreneurs alive today about how they built their empires and what lessons they learned along the way. It’s like getting insight from Tim Ferriss himself!

5) Successful People with Danny Brown tells short stories about people who chose a different career path from society’s standards and went after their dreams. It’s motivating for entrepreneurs because it gives proof that following your gut can make or break a company.

6) Free Meditation at 6509 offers free guided meditations designed to help listeners focus and clear any mental clutter that might interfere with productivity. There are currently 27 different, mini-guided meditations available by experienced meditation masters (for example 10-minute decompression practice).

7) Headspace helps entrepreneurs achieve clarity by offering basic meditation practices designed to teach mindfulness strategies for clearer thought, better work habits, and even more happiness in life.8) The School of Greatness Podcast has 15-minute lectures about accomplishing greatness in business and life, each episode of which is led by Lewis Howes.