The best free tools every startup needs

The best free tools every startup needs

Every startup needs professional tools in order to create the best and most compelling designs, content for their brand. Without the right visuals and marketing materials, a startup’s chances of success can be dramatically lowered. What are some of the crucial tools every startup should have? Here’s a list of the top free tools that you can start using today:

Design tools

  • Canva
    Canva is a powerful graphic design tool that’s absolutely free. You can create anything from social media graphics to flyers, menus, posters, and even presentations with Canva.
  • 365PSD
    365PSD offers the highest quality Photoshop PSD files, with thousands of free and premium downloadable resources that can make designing a breeze.
  • GIMP
    This free graphic design tool brings everyone the opportunity to create great-looking designs and PSD files. Gimp is also perfect for everyone, from beginners to professionals, who want professional-quality results without spending a fortune on Photoshop.

Social Media Tools

  • Buffer
    Buffer is the best social media management tool and it has a free version as well. What differentiates Buffer from others is that it’s browser-based and all content can be managed from one dashboard. The features offered include scheduling content across the day and days in the future, analyzing content performance data, and seeing real-time analytics of posts so you know what your audience likes.

Marketing tools

  • WordPress
    WordPress is a good free program you could get started with for creating blogs or websites. With WordPress, you can choose your domain and hosting package from GoDaddy or Google Domains
  • Trello
    Trello is an unbelievable free service that helps individuals, schools, companies, and nonprofits manage their projects, ideas, and goals. Trello takes everything you have going on and brings it into one central dashboard so you can actually see it all at once.
  • Hotjar
    This online heatmap tool will give you a complete understanding of exactly what your visitors interact with the most on your website.
  • Dropbox Paper
    This free tool is perfect for both writers and editors. Dropbox Paper helps teams work together on documents and track changes along the way. It also syncs with all other Apps, such as Google Drive and Dropbox for easy collaborating.


  • Font Awesome
    Font-Awesome offers a vast library of web fonts that are free for both personal and commercial use, which is great for startups that want to be creative without always having to invest in new font licenses.
  • Google Fonts
    Many Fonts at Google Fonts are free and don’t require a license. These flexible tools from Google work well for any startup because you have access to seven different weights per font, which will allow you to present designs on any scale. Just install your chosen fonts through the Google Web Fonts section and start working (or optimizing) right away.

Stock Images

  • Pixabay
    Pixabay offers copyright-free images that you are welcome to download and use however you please. This site also provides excellent tutorials on how to edit and revitalize troublesome images so they’ll look their best on social media sites like Instagram.
  • Unsplash
    Unsplash offers stunning high-resolution photos, which you can use for commercial or personal digital design projects.
  • StockSnap
    StockSnap offers free stock photos in 10 various beautiful themes. These pictures are perfect for your marketing project. 

Stock Video

  • Videostock
    Videostock is a site where you can find over one million video clips in HD resolutions, with all videos coming straight from the top brands. These clips are perfect for anyone looking to update their business’s branding with fresh and original visuals on Instagram or Facebook. The coolest part about this site is that each clip has been specially edited for quick and easy use in modern productions by simply dragging and dropping it into your timeline.

Research tools

  • Google Keyword Planner 
    The only reliable feature of Keyword Planner is the “search volume” report, which tells you how many times a keyword is searched each month. The rest of its features are limited or remain unknown and unusable without any form of payment.