The best way to come up with new ideas for startups

The best way to come up with new ideas for startups

How can you come up with ideas for startups?

¬†Many times, the best idea comes from right in front of us. Take, for example, the story of how Chris Anderson came up with the startup he founded – 3D Robotics. Anderson was just sitting on his couch and saw an industrial-sized drone flying by his window and thought to himself “Wow. Maybe I should start a business.” That was it. The entire process to create 3d Robotics took 18 months, Anderson financing it with his own personal savings account. What’s nice about living in the age of technology is that you can do a lot from your state side: conduct market research, find manufacturers, research patents, etc.

What more can I do?

Aside from thinking of new ideas from old ones and reverse engineering products based on right out in front of you, there are numerous ways to get creative with coming up with original ideas.

One way is to look at what’s missing or what needs fixing in your surroundings or industry. If you’re a tech company without a social media presence, start spit balling and see what kind of trends are taking off on social media (IE: most shared images) and see where that takes you.

Another good way to come up with ideas is looking online for inspiration by doing an extensive search of past companies that have done well. You can study their successes to see what worked for them and then apply those techniques to your business.

The last way of coming up with worthwhile ideas is just by playing around and coming up with absolute nonsense because sometimes the craziest idea yields some great results. A few years back someone came up with the idea for Tinder while they were listening to a friend banging away on their laptop keyboard and said “What if we used this stupid thing for online dating?”.

And let us leave you with this story

about an entrepreneur who came up with a successful idea out of nowhere, this is the story of Burt, a retired dentist, and his partner Bruce became successful inventors in the beauty industry with their invention of Burt’s Bees. They started by trying to make new ventures in other industries. And then one day when they found themselves in their garden, they saw bees frolicking among the flowers: “Buzzing around like crazy, they had no fear of us at all.” This is when they thought – what if these natural pollinators could be enlisted to help keep beehives healthy? Soon thereafter, they developed a relationship with the North Carolina Department of Agriculture to trial their idea on commercial farms. With this success, they founded Tree of Life Apiary and began to propagate the idea.